During your first visit to Beechwood Veterinary Hospital we will give you as much advice as possible regarding the care of your puppy or kitten.

Following a full examination we will advise a preventative healthcare plan and answer any questions you may have.


Routine vaccination is essential to help prevent the various diseases which can often be fatal in young animals. Initially puppies and kittens receive antibodies from their mother but during the first 2 months of life these reduce in number increasing the risk of disease.

We currently vaccinate against the following:-

  1. Dogs - Distemper, Infectious hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus and Leptospirosis.
  2. Cats - Cat Flu (calicivirus and herpes virus), Feline infectious enteritis (panleukopaenia) and Feline leukaemia.

Additional vaccination against the agents causing kennel cough in dogs (bordetella bronchiseptica & parainfluenza) is also recommended when there is an increased risk of exposure to this disease for example when using boarding kennels, in show dogs etc.


Roundworm and tapeworm infestations are common problems in cats and dogs and pose a health risk to children and adults alike. All puppies and kittens are at risk of round worm infestation across their mother’s placenta & also via her milk. It is essential therefore that adequate dosing with a suitable product is performed on a regular basis. We will advise on you on the most appropriate treatment regime and which product to use.

Flea prevention/treatment

Flea infestation can occur at any time of year. By the time fleas are apparent on your pet your home will already be infested. Fleas can cause severe skin disease and in heavy infestations can even cause anaemia. Fleas can also bite humans and some people can have severe reactions to these bites. It is therefore important that flea prevention is part of the routine care of your pet.


Proper nutrition plays an important role in your overall health and well being and the same goes for your pet. Understanding the complexities of nutrition goes well beyond merely reading a list of ingredients.

A balanced diet formulated with all the vitamins, minerals & nutrients a puppy/kitten needs is vital to ensure proper growth and development. Here at Beechwood Veterinary Hospital we are able to advise you on the most suitable diet for the particular lifestage of your pet whether it be the growing puppy or the senior dog.

We recommend Royal Canin products. These are complete foods formulated by Veterinary Surgeons to meet all the nutritional requirements of healthy dogs and cats during the various stages of their life cycle.


Having your pet neutered is part of responsible pet ownership. Aside from the prevention of unwanted pregnancies there are important health benefits including; prevention of prostatic and testicular diseases, prevention of hernias and tumours of the anus in male animals, and prevention of life threatening uterus infections (pyometra) and mammary tumours in females. Many people worry that there will be some alteration in their pet’s personality, this is not so. We will advise you on the most appropriate timing of the operation however the most benefit is gained when the procedure is done in the young animal. We currently recommend neutering is performed at 4 months of age.

Identity chip

The identity chip is a way to permanently & harmlessly identify your pet. The chip carries a number which is unique to each animal. Scanning the chip is quick & painless & allows any animal to be traced back to its owner through the national database. There is a one off charge for implanting & registering the chip. All you need to do then is keep your details updated on the database.


As Veterinary science progresses, more and more treatment options are becoming available to pet owners in the UK. Unfortunately there is no NHS for animals and all treatment has to be paid for. For this reason we strongly advise pet insurance to enable you to provide the best possible care for your new pet throughout its life without the worry of how you are going to pay for treatment. When your puppy/kitten comes for its first vaccination we will provide you with 4 weeks free insurance. We will also advise that you continue this insurance after the 4 weeks has elapsed.


Early and appropriate socialisation is essential for your puppy’s emotional development and we will give advise during your first visit.  In addition you will have the opportunity to see behind the scenes at Beechwood. We look forward to welcoming you to Beechwood Veterinary Hospital.

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