Blood First for Donny Vets

16 April 2008

Beechwood Veterinary Hospital is not only helping save the lives of sick pets, it could help save their owners too.

The surgery is the first and only place in the country where dogs and people can give blood.

Beechwood Vets has teamed up with the National Blood Service (NBS) and Pet Blood Bank UK (PBBuk) to offer the community the chance to help with these worthy causes.

Mark Straw said: “I’m a regular blood donor and know how important it is to give. I thought it would be a great if I could do it at work and luckily enough so did the other staff and the owners of our patients. I am proud that Beechwood is now a people and pets lifesaver.”

The NBS sessions take place on the organisation’s bloodmobile which has three beds, health screening booth and the all important tea and biscuit area. The bloodmobile travels to various companies and organisations around South Yorkshire.

Mark added: “Once we were on the way to arranging our first NBS visit one of the dogs we were treating needed a transfusion so we made some calls and our first canine session takes place in May.

Craig Taylor, spokesperson for the NBS, said: “We would thank to thank everyone who gave and remind anyone interested that if you give you will be helping ill patients. Our thanks also go out to everyone at hospital for making us so welcome.”

“This is a real first for the country and it is happening here in Doncaster. It just goes to show how generous all it’s residents are, I’m sure they will have as much support from their doggy donors as well.”

Its first visit saw 28 people attending and 22 rolled up their sleeves and gave a pint, including 13 brand new donors.  Four legged donors get their chance on Sunday 11th September.