Due to advances in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery it is becoming increasingly difficult for Veterinary Surgeons in general practice to be able to offer more complex methods of investigation and treatment for certain conditions. Here at Beechwood Veterinary Hospital we are able to offer more complex treatment options for Orthopaedic cases. Internal referrals within our hospital and referrals from other practices in Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire are treated at our hospital on a daily basis.

At the hospital we have an extensive inventory of surgical equipment to allow us to investigate and treat the more complex Orthopaedic cases we are presented with. Our powerful X-Ray machine allows us to take high quality radiographs enabling us to make a diagnosis. Our CT scanner increases our diagnostic imaging skills further. Surgical management can then be commenced in one of our two sterile operating theatres. Management of cases after surgery is especially important and members of our nursing team are available 24 hours a day to care for hospitalised patients.

If you are a client from another practice and you have a pet with an Orthopaedic condition you will have been referred to Beechwood Veterinary Hospital by your own Veterinary Surgeon. Once we have obtained your details from your home practice a member of our reception team will contact you to arrange a suitable appointment. Appointments are made as soon as possible in order of clinical urgency, fractures or acute spinal problems may be seen the same day.

What to expect

The initial consultation will consist of a medical history review, a detailed examination of your pet and a review of any history and radiographs which have been provided by your home Veterinary Surgeon.

In the majority of cases, further investigations will need to be performed. This may involve taking further radiographs, blood or tissue samples or recommending further, more advanced investigations such as MRI or CT scanning. We will usually admit your pet to the hospital on the day of your appointment such that investigations and in some cases, surgery can be performed early the following day. If surgery is required your pet will usually be hospitalised after surgery for further monitoring and for pain relief to be administered. Most cases are discharged from the hospital 24 hours after surgery however some cases, for example spinal cases or complex fractures, require longer periods of hospitalisation.

Follow up treatment

Post operative examinations will be performed by both Beechwood Veterinary Hospital and your own Veterinary Surgeon. A report will be faxed to your home practice prior to your pet being discharged from Beechwood Veterinary Hospital to ensure they are kept fully informed regarding the management of an individual case. Follow up reports are also given on a regular basis.


You will receive an estimate of cost before investigations or treatment are commenced. Precise estimates are difficult to give due to the variable nature of the cases presented to us however we will endeavour to keep you fully informed of costs as the case progresses. Fees are charged for work as it is done. The initial estimate will not include follow-up appointments, further radiographs, additional surgery or additional medication.

Fees should be settled at the time your pet is discharged from the Hospital. If you have pet insurance, claim forms may be left with us for completion and for us to submit to your insurance company. Please understand that we cannot be responsible for any decisions made by your insurance company.

Document Downloads

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