Intensive nursing

Following major surgery or during treatment for a severe illness many patients require intensive nursing care for prolonged periods. Here at Beechwood Veterinary Hospital we provide intensive nursing care for our critically ill patients 24 hours a day, a service which we feel is essential to optimise the success in an individual case. Staff live on site and are available to administer medication, maintain intravenous fluids, manage chest drains, monitor vital signs and provide whatever requirements a patient may need. From the Hamster requiring fluids to the Great Dane requiring physiotherapy our nursing team are here to aid recovery of your pet.

Isolation facilities

Vaccination has helped to reduce the incidence of many of the infectious diseases of cats and dogs that were prevalent 20 years ago. Unfortunately unvaccinated animals are often presented with a contagious disease, e.g. parvovirus and in order to minimise the risk of transmission to other patients we have an isolation ward in which we can provide “barrier nursing”. “Barrier nursing” involves the use of specific protective clothing, special disinfectants and other precautions to protect not only the vet and nurse dealing with the case but also to contain the infectious disease in one dedicated area of the hospital.