Internal medicine

Internal medicine is the diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of conditions of the internal organs which occur commonly in dogs and cats. Whether it be a case of vomiting and diarrhoea, a heart condition or a kidney problem our veterinary team will strive to provide the best care possible. The symptoms of these conditions are often very vague making the diagnosis of the cause very challenging. Here at Beechwood Veterinary Hospital we have invested greatly in specialised equipment to help us achieve a diagnosis in these complex cases. Ultrasound, endoscopy (a fibreoptic camera that passes into the intestines or windpipe), a fully equipped laboratory and a powerful X-Ray machine are just some of the facilities we have available allowing us to give your pet the best treatment possible.

Conditions of the eyes are also a common occurrence in dogs and cats. Here at Beechwood we have specialised equipment available allowing us to visualise every part of the eye helping us to achieve a diagnosis and commence treatment, whether that be with drugs or with surgery.