Preventative healthcare

From the moment of conception through to the minute your pet is born and throughout its life it is essential that we attempt to prevent disease as well as treat disease once it has occurred. Here at Beechwood Veterinary Hospital we take preventative healthcare very seriously and are always available to give advice and implement healthcare strategies when required.


It is essential that all dogs and cats are vaccinated against the major infectious diseases to which they are exposed on a daily basis. This starts at 8 weeks of age for dogs, 9 weeks of age for cats and 6 weeks of age in Rabbits.


Pregnant dogs and cats, puppies and kittens and adult dogs should be wormed on a regular basis. In adults we recommend every 3 months depending on the product used and lifestyle of your pet. Rabbits should also be wormed every 2 to 4 months.

Flea treatment

Fleas are a problem throughout the year, not just in the warmer months. It is essential that flea treatment is maintained to prevent severe infestations of both your pet and your home. Many pet shop or supermarket preparations are available however they are costly and ineffective. We have a range of products that treat flea problems on your pet and in your home and we will happily recommend the most suitable product for your pet.

Dietary advice

Diets vary dramatically in their suitability for a particular age, sex and breed of animal. Our trained nurses are available to give advice on the most suitable diet for your pet.

Dental care

Oral hygiene is important in all animals and dental care should start once adult teeth have grown. Regular brushing, feeding the correct diet and avoiding chewing stones/sticks will all help keep the pearly whites shining. We can advise on home dental care as a puppy or kitten or following dental procedures performed in the hospital.