Dr Lauren Goodwin


Lauren graduated in 2010 from Bristol University and entered mixed practice in Hampshire progressing her interests to a majority small animal role. Having always enjoyed visiting Yorkshire with its beautiful countryside and vibrant cities, Lauren moved to Doncaster to live with her partner and start at Beechwood Veterinary Hospital.

Lauren enjoys all areas of medicine and surgery particularly preventative medicine, dentistry and emergency and critical care. Recently Lauren has been developing her experience of exotic medicine particularly rabbits, guinea pigs, pet chickens and tortoises.

Outside of work Lauren has a five year old rescue cat called Alfie who is very cheeky and sometimes acts more like a dog than a cat and even plays fetch! Lauren enjoy music and plays the piano, saxophone and clarinet and attends live music events in her free time. Lauren also enjoys painting, drawing and has recently developed an interest in walking which she hopes to develop living in Yorkshire.